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    The development of needle industry

    信息來源:本站 日期:2012-6-19

    Industrial sewing machine occupies very important position in the process of sewing needle, needle quality, directly affects the sewing effect and sewing quality, therefore the development of needle industry is an important step in achieving the goal of the sewing machine power in China.The industrial machine needle enterprises in China mainly focus on the qidong and haimen area in nantong region of jiangsu province, and other places in guangdong and other places also have sporadic distribution.In market popularity with jiangsu flying tigers MTK needle industry co., LTD., nantong crane machine production of the flying tigers machine needle co., LTD., jiangsu mads production of crane machine needle industry co., LTD. Production of wheat, needle, nantong jia hui sewing equipment co., LTD. Production of home, nantong - meaning system machine needle co., LTD., the production of small bear, nantong china-germany jean machine needle industry co., LTD. Production of the attendance card machine needle machine, such as the brand.According to our understanding, the quality gap between the needle and the imported needle is very large and the price is very different. The market price of domestic industrial machine needle is about 0.5 yuan per bag.German needle quality is the best, the price is the highest, the average price is about 10 to 12 times the price of the same type of domestic needle.The Japanese machine needle is the second, about 10 times the price of the same type of domestic needle.The price of the Taiwan needle, which is represented by TNC and multi-ad, is about 7 to 8 times the price of the national needle.Although the national production machine has a large market share, it mainly relies on low price advantages to make up for the shortage of quality.Why MTK needle with foreign similar products have such a wide gap in price, what's so different in quality, should be how to improve the quality of the MTK needle is a problem that we are in the study. The main difference between domestic and foreign products It is found that there are three main differences in needle products such as German geotzi and Japanese organ.Foreign machine needle, the needle and the appearance of the same model, same no difference, respectively, to the naked eye and the MTK needle groove relative to the location of the pinhole fluctuate, often with the naked eye can be the difference between with the needle to respectively.The gap of the needle hole finish.The needle hole of the domestic machine needle is not as smooth as the foreign machine needle, it is easy to break the thread when sewing.Mechanical performance stability gap.MTK needle in deflection, hardness, wear resistance, etc all can reach or close to the level of foreign machine needle, but these volatile performance value, cause the needle quality overall level is lower than the foreign advanced products. The reasons for the quality gap between domestic and foreign products (1) the cause of insufficient appearance identity Product appearance of the main difference lies in the needle groove relative to the location of the pinhole, this is because the MTK needle slot milling process is different from foreign machine needle, good for neither roots needle as an example, the case is to use CNC milling machine milling roots machine needle groove, milling each time a needle, product form, precision is high, so the appearance of the product identity is very good.MTK needle is most used artificial up-down material simple milling machine, and in order to meet the production rhythm, milling time more milling machine needle, plus is arranged by hand machine needle, so the processing of datum error is inevitable, which creates a needle slot between the location of the inconsistencies, thus affecting the appearance of the product identity. (2) the cause of the smooth defect of the eyelet hole Needle needle hole is made of die stamping forming, MTK generally use a needle punching forming, foreign high-end machine needle currently adopt secondary stamping molding method, namely punching in coarse and fine blanking and rushed out of the hole accuracy is higher, so whether it's a stamping method or secondary stamping method through subsequent finishing process, remove the burr hole can finalize the design finally.Stamping die need to be developed by needle factory themselves, MTK injection mold material is commonly high speed steel, hardness and wear resistance of this kind of material is not strong, the mould in use after a period of time, the surface will produce slight wear, the mould finish, pinhole inside tiny hairs.Subsequent finishing deburring process, the domestic enterprise's common practice is to fine steel wire wear in the eye of a needle, and then the needle placed in the self-made vibration machine in the string vibration, using steel wire and the friction of pinhole burr elimination effect.However, this is called wear eye and eye jump process method do not completely to get rid of the burr on eye of a needle, a special allowance and artificial, because wear eye is to rely on artificial one, one to wear to the wire, these two deburring process of artificial reaches more than 15% of the total production line employees.Foreign companies such as grotz are now using chemical solvent immersion needle to remove burrs, which is good and saves time and effort. (3) causes of mechanical performance gaps The cause of this problem basically has two, one is the most MTK needle selecting raw materials for domestic high carbon alloy steel, the influence of the domestic iron and steel smelting industrial level, the same brand of steel, domestic products with Germany and other European and American enterprises exist differences in the performance of production, this leads to the needle performance of raw materials is not very stable.2 it is MTK needle equipment is relatively simple, some tiny link affecting the quality of needle internal processing is vague, such as needle grinding, sharpen, cast light, such as grinding process, are of the same kind of hardness of the grinding wheel, the computer after the needle before quenching and tempering hardness, the selection of grinding wheel should also be different, otherwise, the precision of the machine needle shape is very difficult to meet the design requirements.Foreign high - grade needle in this aspect is very careful, grinding wheel, sand belt and other grinding tools are also very well chosen.The third is the difference in the quality of the needle products due to the different process of picking needles at home and abroad.German needle machine industry has been using a high degree of automation of automatic pick needle machine, will be processed automatically by the sensor of the needle compared with standard needle data of computer storage, district extension needle is qualified or not, and will not be qualified needle, to ensure that the overall quality of outgoing needle, needle domestic enterprises now are all visual machine needle by quality inspection personnel qualified or not, which makes the quality of the needle is very big uncertainty, at considerable risk of non-conforming product into the market. Three main problems facing domestic machine needle enterprises With JinKouJi MTK needle quality gap exists, in addition to MTK needle enterprises outside the materials, process equipment and other objective reasons, also with the enterprise overall quality is not high, its construction is slow, needle industry disorder of the external development environment factors are related.At present, there are many problems existing in Chinese machine needle enterprises: (1) the technical force is weak and the construction of the talent team lags behind At present, most domestic needle enterprises have only some experienced workers, and there are few real scientific and technical personnel who understand both theory and practical experience.As the overall size of the pin industry small, countries do not have the professional personnel training system, domestic pin industry both researchers and technical workers are lack of, also due to the particularity of pin industry technology and equipment, almost no ready-made technical staff, general machinery professional and technical personnel and skilled workers, even in this field, also become cycle is very long, over a long period of time to learn the training to mount guard, all enterprises want to strengthen technical force, improve enterprise talent structure must meet two conditions: on the one hand need steadfast, willing to delve into technical personnel are willing to come in, to be willing to part with or use investment, on the other hand enterprise is willing to develop.At present domestic pin enterprise technical renovation and equipment improvements are mostly by hiring some old state-owned enterprises technical personnel or scientific research institutes, pin domestic enterprises want to further development, the cultivation of professional engineers and technicians have to strengthen, otherwise the product will never be big innovation and qualitative leap, only behind advanced enterprises to imitate.Therefore, how to ensure the good development and benign structure of the staff is an urgent task for enterprises to solve. (2) the problem of making needle equipment is prominent and needs to be automated and refined Needle manufacturing process has more than ten working procedure, a variety of special mechanical equipment, in addition to cold forging and quenching equipment can be purchased directly from a limited number of manufacturers, the rest of the equipment including some of the testing equipment all needs to develop its own or the outfit, because most companies don't have professional technicians and engineers, mechanical, and restricted by China's machinery manufacturing level, our pin enterprises existing production equipment precision is not high, all the equipment can only be completed the requirements of process design, the local details of products are rough, such as error slotting technology products, all grinding process exists the problem of poor effect of dust collecting, workshop of dust is bigger, the smoothness of appearance greatly influenced on the quality of our products.Comparing with foreign advanced machine needle enterprises, it can be found that there is a big gap between the function design and the manufacturing process of the needle system in China.Therefore, the improvement of the overall level of the needle equipment, is the way of making needle enterprises to become a big enterprise. (iii) the quality assurance system of the enterprise needs to be improved Most domestic needle enterprises have passed ISO9000 certification, but the internal quality system of enterprises is not perfect.Can the quality of the needle points inside and outside two kinds, one kind is the appearance of the product quality, including the appearance of the product size, shape accuracy, surface finish, etc., another kind is the immanent quality of products, including the wear-resisting performance of the product, the hardness, the deflection performance, corrosion resistance, etc., for appearance quality control, pin domestic enterprises using artificial visual and simple measurement tools combination, for needle internal quality control, companies generally have no good measures, will have a better enterprise is not very standard laboratory, and to make some simple machine needle properties such as tensile strength, deflection test, but failed to do with the product line of continuous testing, most of the other companies, almost nothing in this respect.Domestic enterprises quality inspection personnel are mostly not been trained, almost all companies are not full-time quality engineer is responsible for the quality of the product system running, and make detailed analysis and research on the quality of your goods.It is a long way to build and improve its own internal construction and improvement. The standard problems of machine needle products need to be solved urgently At present, the only one of industrial sewing machine needle model establishment standard QB/T2035, due to domestic pin enterprise products copied over the years a lot of foreign products, so the product name and specifications are similar to foreign products, market at QB/T2035 standard naming needle products instead of less.Because industrial needle has no product standard, the needle product has no market access threshold, and the quality supervision of the needle is out of the question.Top condition for another machine needle products have restricted the needle, needle bar parts enterprises and enterprise's new product research and development, since there is no unified standard can consult, pin and parts enterprises, would dare to change their shape of the size and shape of the product, so that products and related to machine needle machine needle bar and other spare parts for a long time without big independent innovation, imitation can only blindly follow the foreign advanced enterprises. Iv. Improvement measures for the quality improvement of machine needles and Suggestions for work The whole machine needle industry in our country, it can be said that we hope to coexist with the suffering.Although our needle enterprises occupy the market share is very big, but we must be conscious to our occupies only low-end products market, our machine needle deficiencies in many enterprises, needle enterprises should have a strong sense of crisis, Taiwan's Dortmund needle has factory in fujian zhangzhou, blue lion, Germany Rhine needle production base moved to India, Germany's domestic needle enterprises also in unceasing concentration, the purpose of these foreign enterprises is very clear, is to reduce the manufacturing cost, and enhance market competitiveness of enterprises.When one day we lose the advantage of the cost performance of the needle, it is that we lose not only the market share, but probably we will lose the needle industry.Association as the guidance for the needle industry organizations, more need to grasp the overall situation, make scientific planning and a specific measures to help enterprises to improve product quality, improve the grade of the needle.According to the work characteristics of the association and the actual situation of the research, I think the following measures can be taken by the association: (I) starting from the material aspect, help enterprises actively find the replacement materials for stamping die, and complete the upgrade of the stamping die;Actively search for information about raw materials of needle products for enterprise, find channels and opportunities to report to major steel producers, research institutes, etc., and explore ways to improve the performance of materials. (2) encourage enterprises to carry out technological innovation and exploration, and actively collect all kinds of materials and information of advanced enterprises in foreign countries. (3) encourage and help enterprises to carry out equipment upgrades, gradually realize the modernization of the whole system needle industry equipment, key equipment for high technical content, for the country or industry science and technology project can be declared by the collective research institutes and enterprises. (iv) implement the standard work of the needle industry as soon as possible, and create a favorable external development environment for the needle and related industries. (5) help machine needle enterprises to promote information construction to optimize enterprise management and improve efficiency.At present domestic needle enterprise informationization foundation is very weak, the association to promote the informatization construction industry, with good enterprise information-based foundation, association by software to recommend suitable machine needle enterprise informatization, help enterprise audit informatization planning, participate in the enterprise informationization construction supervision for enterprises to provide specific help. (6) to help enterprises to promote quality improvement measures and improve the enterprise quality system by encouraging enterprises to implement QC quality team plans and other measures.

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